Valle Dei Templi Agrigento – Sicily

Valle Dei Templi Agrigento – Sicily

Another very hot day of my Sicily trip in August. I believe the temperature did not fell unter 30 degrees Celsius this night, because this morning at 7:30 it showed again 31.

I had an early breakfast and drove by car to the Valle dei Templi to finish this tour as early as possible. I walked from the main entrance back to my car at parking place of PORTA V. They offer a taxi transfer to the main entrance for 3 Euro per person. Perfect! Walking one route from main entrance to Porta V was definitely enough for today! I had 3 bottles of water. I was so happy to start my car to get aircondition after the walk. It showed 47 degrees at 11:30.

There is not much shadow you can use for short break. And if there is shadow you have to find eith Chinese groups 😉 .

I will now wait and chill at my airconditioned room until 20:00 when the sun is down.
My goal for tomorrow ist just a short drive to Realmonte. I will then chill 2 days at the beach and see Scala Dei Turchi!

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