Travel blog since 1999

Travel blog since 1999

Evolution of this blog

This is a non-profit blog! My blogger career startet in 1999 with my domain At that time I was working as travel agent for a big German tour operator. My first travel story told about my holidays on the Hawaiian Islands in 1999. Someday between 1999 and today I deleted the old homepage from the internet due to my family plans and the fact that I was not able to travel that much anymore. In 2008 I started as professional photographer and focused on my homepage – Fotodesign Tatjana Servais. I startet again with this wordpress blog whose appearance and name was changed from to again in July 2017.

Language German or English?

I startet this blog in German, but I changed to English and I will continue blogging in English. Old German blog Articles will be translated in English bit after bit. In between enjoy the pictures. They do not need languages and speak for themselves!

On this blog you will find new travel stories and bit by bit I will edit and re-publish the old travelogs.

In principle on all pages of my blog there is an honor code valid for me. Everything I write is my opinion and I have never been paid to write something positive or negative. If I mention a hotel a tour operator or a destination, I only do this because I want to tell you something about it or I think you should know about it.

My opinion cannot be influenced at any time!

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