Media & PR – cooperation

Media & PR – cooperation

„Cooperation welcome!“

There is of course a list of destinations in my mind, which I want to see before I die, but as I have always wanderlust there is no country I would not like to visit. Only a few destinations, where women do not have all rights or where my life would be in danger are „no go destinations“

Ideas for blog articles and cooperation

Following are mentioned some ideas for blog articles I would like to write and for which I would like to photograph to minimize the white spots on my map. If you are interested to cooperate somehow please use my contact form.

Venice in winter

Florence and the rural Tuscany

Summer in northern Italy – Lago Maggiore, Lago di Lugano and Lago di Como

Northern Scotland – the Highlands

Burning Iceland – volcanoes and ice

Monaco – Tax haven, luxury life or something for the normal tourist?

Pilgrim tour to Santiago de Compostela – Experience report of an unbeliever

City tour to Stockholm – the northern pearl

City tour to Marrakesh – north-African pearl – old cultures and modern structures

City tour to Naples with volcano tour to Vesuvius

Sailing in front of Croatia

Yucatan Peninsula – Mayans and the end of the world

La Palma – green garden

Code of honor

Basically, for me at every point of my blog is a code of honor valid. No matter if I write about tested products or mention a hotel in my travelogues, an organizer or a destination. I was not and I am not paid to advertise products or companies and my personal opinion can not be influenced. I adhere to the Press Code and the Travel Bloggers Code. When I link a product, company, or other, even if it’s a banner, it’s because I’m personally convinced. Advertising is always marked as such on my website!

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