Italy – Rome in 3 days – arrival and overnight lodging

Italy – Rome in 3 days – arrival and overnight lodging

After a long time without any travel activity, I had the luck that my best friend found a special offer for flights to Rome in February. We decided to plan a long weekend from February 01st to 04th. Not the best time for a tour to Rome, but we decided to give it a try .

Transfer from Rome Airport to the city

There are various possibilities to get from the airport to the city. I like to use the App of Rome2Rio, which I always use for planning my tours.

You can use the following possibilities:

  • train – e.g. Leonardo Express. It needs about 32 minutes from the airport to Roma Termini. Costs: about 8-15 € per person.
  • bus, which needs about 50 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes to Roma Termini or Tiburtina Bus Station. Costs: about 1 to 9 € per person.
  • taxi which needs about 28 minutes. Costs: about 50 to 65 €, depending on the traffic.
  • and at least you can use a car sharing car like Car2Go which needs also about 28 minutes. The costs depend on your package. For information see Car2Go website.

We gave Car2Go a try. I can definitely recommend the use of a Car2Go as transfer possibility from Roma Airport to Rome, as long as your accommodation is situated somewhere where it is allowed to park these car sharing cars. Further we used Car2Go during our sightseeing trips for longer distances, we did not want to walk and when it rained.

Accommodation in Rome

We found a very nice place for the nights in Rome which was located in a nice old town house – very stylish and perfect for us. The Boutique Centrale Relais is located near to the Piazza di Spagna and Fontana di Trevi. You can find a lot of nice restaurants and shops all within walking distance.

double room Boutique Centrale Relais in Rome

My friend and I each had a double room at Boutique Centrale Relais and both were very stylish and decorated with love for details. This was my room and I especially enjoyed the bathroom.

bathroom Rome

The light concept and design of the bathroom were wonderful and I enjoyed the showers before and after the long days of sightseeing very much ;-).

Next article follows – What you have to see in 3 days. Tips and tricks for sightseeing in Rome.

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