Enna-Piazza Armerina-Agrigent-Sicily-day02

Enna-Piazza Armerina-Agrigent-Sicily-day02

Sicily Tour Overview

After having breakfast at my accomodation in B&B Enna Inn Centro I took my rental car to drive to Piazza Armerina. Before leaving Enna I drove again through the city, visiting the Duomo di Enna and the Castello di Lombardia. The pictures are released in my first article about Enna. From Castello di Lombardia I drove to Piazza Armerina. Overview of all tour parts here!

Enna – Piazza Armerina – Pietraperzia – Caltanissetta – Agrigento

Piazza Armerina

Sicily, August 2017, Piazza Armerina, baroque cathedral

It took about an hour to drive from Enna to Piazza Armerina and I decided to have lunch before visiting Villa Romana del Casale which is the most important sight in this area. I think my lunch was the fault, because Villa Romana del Casale was closed when I arrived. I could not find anybody to ask when it will open and I decided to skip this sight and to continue my way to Agrigento. This sight with its Roman mosaics is the most important sight in this region. Besides this the archirectural footprints of different epochs are interesting. The medieval history of Piazza Armerina is manifested in some of its buildings, which show Norman, Gothic or Baroque architecture.

During my day tour I saw wonderful landscapes. Here are the pictures of this tour:

Sicilian granary

Sicily, August 2017, landscape

The region I drove through was named Roman granary during the time of the Roman empire. Without this area on Sicily the Roman empire would not have been the same. I like this kind of landscape very much and I have to come back at spring some days. Wide golden grain fields and gentle hilly landscape as far as the eye can see.


After my arrival at Agrigent I moved into my Apartment La Reggia degli Dei and decided to start with some sightseeing in the old town. My first choice fell on Duomo Agrigento. You find pictures and more about this tour in my next article about Agrigento.

My conclusion about the tour from Enna to Agrigento

I enjoyed the tour very much. Driving was easy although there were a lot of older and smaller streets. Sometimes I felt pretty lonely but nevertheless safe and I often did not meet another car for half an hour. The rural landscapes are wonderful and I could have made a lot more photo stops during my tour. I am definitely in love with this hilly golden landscape!

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