Catania – Enna – Sicily – day01

Catania – Enna – Sicily – day01

Tour start – flight to Catania – Enna – Piazza Armerina

Sicily Tour Overview

My flight from Düsseldorf/Germany to Catania with Eurowings was calm and relaxed. I checked in by Eurowings App 72 hours before departure and got a seat at a window.

Catania Airport to Enna – pick up rental car

After arrival at Catania Airport I picked up my rental car. I booked a rental car by AVIS. It should have been an Opel Adam or similar and it was at least a Smart and of course included air condition. I packed up a cellphone holder, an extra charge cable for the car and my big battery back, because I know the cigarette lighter or an USB connection in cars is not able to charge my cellphone as fast as it is emptied during use of navigation. Further I used 2 cellphones. One with navigation material to use without internet use and my regular cellphone for phone and internet use when I do not have wifi possibillities. I do have special Navigation Apps on my cellphone but I used Google Maps during my whole tour.

Sicily, August 2017, landscape seen on my way from Catania to Enna

Traffic in Sicily

In Sicily you have some highways which are most of the time toll-highways, lots of regular streets and last but not least the small streets especially in the older towns where you have to be very careful. A small car is the best choice if it is possible with your luggage plans. My Smart was perfect!

Sicily, August 2017, Enna, View from Lago di Pergusa to the city of Enna

Catania – Enna

B&B Enna Inn Centro
B&B Enna Inn Centro

After leaving the Airport I entered the highway A19. It took about an hour to drive to Enna and I arrived early enough to first check-in at my Bed & Breakfast accommodation – B&B Enna Inn Centro . I knew from my research that Enna is situated on a summit crest high above an about 1000 meters mountain. It is situated in the middle of Sicily and is often called „Navel of Sicily“. It has a well preserved old town and the panoramic view in all directions is breathtaking!

Short history of Enna

Sicily, August 2017, Enna, Castello di Lombardia

The history of Enna startet with the Sicels, who used the good location to settle their antique „Henna“. In 258 before Christ Romans took over and 135 before Christ in Enna startet the slave uprising which spread whole Sicily. After the collapse of the Roman empire follwed the Byzantine, the Arabien and Normans. During that time Enna had different names. Starting with Henna via Kasrlanna (Arabian), Castrogiovanni (Normans) back to Enna since 1926. Staufen Emperor Friedrich II enlarged Castello di Lombardia and the Spanish Friedrich II was crowned king of whole Sicily in Enna.

After leaving my luggage at my accommodation I decided to do a walking sightseeing tour before dinner. Here are the pictures I took during the tour, including my pictures from day 2 when I visited the Duomo di Enna and Castello di Lombardia:

After my walking tour on day 1 I had dinner at a restaurant which was recommended by my accommodation host. I had a great evening at Baglio Balata Ristorante & Pizzeria which I also recommend.

Sicily, August 2017, Baglio Balata
Sicily, August 2017, Baglio Balata

My conclusion visiting Enna

Enna is definitely worth visiting! It was one of my favored cities I visited during my tour. I liked the historic sights, walking around and meeting friendly local people and the view from this city in all directions is breathtaking!

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