Bruges – Belgium – Short Trip – 1

Bruges – Belgium – Short Trip – 1

Have you ever heard about Bruges?

I did, but I live in western Germany and it is not very far away from my home town. Only a drive of about 3 and a half hours by car, but I never visited Bruges before. Belgium is a small country and most of the tourists visit only Brussels as seat of the European Union. Maybe you have seen the film „In Bruges“, which shows a lot of the wonderful places and sights beside the regular film story. Somehow a crazy film, but I had a lot of fun watching it after my visit, recognizing where Colin Farrel, Brendan Greeson and Ralph Fiennes and myself were running around in Bruges ­čśë .

I was looking for a short trip destination which can be reached by car and as there are two outlet shopping malls on the way the decision fell on Bruges. January is of course not the best time to travel to a destination in western Europe. The better time is in spring or summer, but nevertheless I had luck and the weather was ok. One day rainy and the second day cloudy with some sun. As there is no bad weather, only bad clothing I could deal with everything.


I traveled by car, but you can also use the Belgian Rail, if you arrive by plane at Brussels Airport. Driving by car from Brussels Airport lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes and if you use the Belgian Rail it needs about an hour from railway station Brussels Midi.

Sleeping accommodation

You will find a lot of accommodation in Bruges – hotels and Bed & Breakfast accommodation. I recommend to look for a small Bed & Breakfast. Bruggelinge (that’s how the people living in Bruges are named) are very friendly people and you will not only have a nice accommodation but also find friendly people who will help you with special recommendations for restaurants or other information. I booked 2 nights at the Hip B & B which is a very nice Bed & Breakfast with only 2 guest rooms. The owner we met was a very nice woman who gave us a lot of tips. The accommodation is outside the inner circle but this was no problem as you walk about 20-25 minutes to Grote Markt, which is the central point of the city.

Parking and driving

You do not need a car for your visit. This is one of the destinations where you have to walk. Walking around is the best thing to see all the wonderful architecture and small things you do not notice by driving around. Parking in the inner circle is only allowed if you live there and/or you have to pay for it. You can leave your car somewhere in the outer circle after drop off of your luggage and pick it up before living. That’s what I did and it worked well.

Here are the most important places I think you should definitely see:

Market Place (Grote Markt): Belfort, Stadhuis, Provinciaal Hof

Historic Centre – Burg Square: H├┤tel de Ville, Oude Civiele Griffie , Basilica of the Holy Blood

Sacred & Religious Sights


More photos, a list of all sights I would recommend and my conclusion in part 2.

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