Alone in Lisbon

Alone in Lisbon

Short trip to Lisbon

In autumn 2016 I was happy to travel to Lisbon for a city tour. I finally planned my tour for mid-October, when it was just uncomfortable at home and I was able to travel alone without my kids. Warmer temperatures and fun-loving people are a good alternative at that time. The climate in Lisbon is quite pleasant all year round.

Lisbon weather in October

During my stay there were the temperatures between 19-25 degrees a day, depending on whether the sun was shining. At night also about 15 degrees. I had put clothes according to the onion principle in my suitcase. The weather forecast promised good weather, which was not true at all. Not that the weather had been bad, but the prediction was not right and the weather was changing. There were lots of sun and blue skies, but also clouds and rain. On some evenings temperatures around 20 degrees to deep in the evening. Basically, I was very satisfied.

Photo equipment for city tours

I had packed my small gear. OLYMPUS OMD EM-10 and EM-1 with 14-42 mm and 40-150 mm zoom and a tripod, but I also photographed a lot with the mobile phone and experimented, because I had just switched from Apple’s Iphone to Samsung’s S7 which was a big gap for myself as Apple Lover. Lisbon has this ailing charm with many dilapidated buildings, great colors, nice and lifelike people and I was sure to get some great pictures

My accomodation in Lisbon

My Hotel for the time in Lisbon was the HF Fénix Garden which I found on It is situated at a big roundabout traffic, not directly in the center, but central enough. Praça de Marques do Pombal – that is the name if the roundabout traffic/the place has also a station for the tube, with which it is easy to get everywhere you want to go.

Walking around in Lisbon

On my first day I arrived in the afternoon and as it happens by chance some friends from Germany, who live in Frankfurt were in Lisbon for one more night. I do not have problems to meet new people and to make new aquaintances, but it was nice to know that I will have such a good company on my first evening in Lisbon. I decided to meet them at a lookout I read about in my travel guide – the Viewpoint of Santa Catarina.

This is a very nice place, especially for the afternoon with view on… and we were able to sit down at a small café. They are name quiosque in Lisbon and you can get drinks – wine water, soft drinks and coffee. Sometimes something to eat. Most of the people at that evening were young Portuguese people and tourists.

Lisbon on foot

I love getting to know cities by walking as you see so much you wouldn’t going by subway or taxi, so I walked from my hotel to the Viewpoint of Santa Catarina. Here are some pictures of this walk I took on my first day in Lisbon.


As Lisbon was build on hills walking alone is not the best decision if you want to see the whole city. Lisbon has a good public transportation system and the Lisbon trams are famous in the world. More concerning the Lisbon trams with pictures and information are published in my article Lisbon trams.

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